Day 1

My alarm went off at 5.55am, a time I’m not used to seeing. After dragging myself out of bed and having a wash I loaded up my car, checked over the route to Newquay and set off to pick up Eddie. After putting his stuff in we headed to the M1 for the start of our surfari.

It took 8 hours to get to Newquay, bad traffic and two accidents causing tailbacks. When we arrived we searched around the town for a place to stay, after trying a few surf lodges which either turned us down or didn’t answer the door we found Reef Surf Lodge and got four nights stay sorted for £39, bargain!

By the time all that was sorted there wasn’t enough time to sneak in a cheeky session but we did have a quick trip to Fistral, the surf seemed good and there were a few surfers out.  We grabbed some food and headed back to the lodge.

Day 2

After a bit of a sleep in we got up, suited up and walked upto Fistral beach. When we got there the scene that greeted us wasn’t pretty; rough waves, lots of whitewater and no-one out. So we headed to the harbour and saw a few surfers trying to paddle out so we joined them. The conditions weren’t ideal, it was almost impossible to paddle out and I only managed to catch 3 waves before we called it a day and headed back.

The afternoon was spent browsing the surf shops and after dinner we headed to the pub.

Day 3

After sleeping in we got up and headed to check the local spots, all were worse than the day before so we chucked the boards in the car and went to check out some spots. First up was Watergate bay but that was no better than any of the town beaches so we decided to head to Crantock and see if the river-mouth offered a cleaner wave. It looked promising at first, slightly cleaner and smaller than the breaks in town, but after speaking to a beach attendant decided not to go in. 50mph rip tides don’t sound fun!

So we headed back to the shops to browse again and I ended up buying a NMD Element board due to all the flex marks on my old board. The shop owner suggested if we tried Tolcarne beach we might get lucky and score a wedge at 6pm because the conditions we close to what usually forms it so we suited up, I plugged my new board and we headed to Tolcarne in search of “the wedge”. When we got there it looked just like every other wave in the town, too much whitewater, but we decided to paddle out anyway. Not the best decision ever. I managed to catch one good wave but suffered a couple of nasty wipeouts and got held under for a few seconds, as soon as I surfaced I caught my breath and a wave broke on me again, so once I got back up I paddled it in. Too rough to stay out longer.

We called it a day with the boarding and headed to the pub again.

Day 4

We got up early and headed down to Tolcarne beach to be greeted by nice, clean, mid sized waves so we paddled out and had a good session, the waves were nice and allowed me to test my new board out properly, its a beaut. After an hour or so at Tolcarne we paddled in and walked along to the harbour, easy when the tides out. The waves picked up a bit more so we headed in and caught some ace waves, nothing too big but some were nice and fast. After quite a while there we headed in for a quick lunch.

For the afternoon we headed back out to the harbour, the surf held up for 30mins or so but then crapped out with only the occasional set coming through, slowly decreasing in size. I stayed in almost till the tide fulyl came in but Eddie had got out, his 3/2 wasn’t quite warm enough, not good. I was hoping the backwash off the wall was going to be ok but the surf was crap so there wasn’t any chance of it working. When I got out Eddie was there with a few snacks so I refuelled and headed round to Fistral with another body boarder called Jay. The surf wasn’t perfect but it was better than it had been, I managed to get through the whitewater and catch a few, epic fun! After a while I paddled in, I was knackered, I’d been in for most of the day so decided to call it quits and head in.

Seen as it was the last night we got some good pub food and headed back to lodge seen as we were up early.

Day 5

After getting up early to check the surf we were disappointed to see it was rubbish so we loaded up the car, checked out of the lodge and headed to the surf store to get some last minute stuff ( Overhead, best shop for bodyboarding by far in Newquay). We left Newquay at 11.30 and I was back home at 7pm after dropping off Eddie. I’m gutted to be back home with no beaches within walking distance, but still I’m stoked on the trip. Already looking for breaks I’d like to head to so hopefully this won’t be the last one before Fuerteventura.


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