Am I Local?

A subject that often seems to be brought up in surfing mags and on forums is the subject of localness. What defines a local? Is it how often you surf a particular break? How close you live to it? How well you know those who surf there? Or how well you know the break itself? I’ll leave you to think about that….

Many breaks throughout the UK have a sense of localism to them, with some unfriendly locals in the waves and graffiti warning non-locals to stay out of the water. Despite this I have had mostly positive experiences with other surfers at the breaks I’ve surfed, especially Cayton Bay, I’ve talked to several of the surfers there and they are all friendly, no hostility to a “non-local”. Although there are one or two surfers who have ignored me, be it in the car park or down on the beach, but this is rarer than being talked to.

Personally I like to think of Cayton Bay as my local break, its the closest good break to where I live but I do have to travel for nearly 2 hours to get there!


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