Good day at the Bay

I headed back over to Cayton Bay today to grab a session and some gear in preparation for a little adventure I have planned next week (you’ll have to wait and see for that). There was just me and Tom seen as the rest of the bodyboarding crew either had work, university or college; still two is all you need to go out.

When we got there the waves looked alright, but I’d seen better and worse. So we headed upto the shop to get some gear and wait for the surf to pick up.

Suiting up wasn’t as cold as it has been and the walk to the sea front was quite nice, after a quick stretch and putting on the fins (cheers again Mike) I started to paddle out. The waves were nice, coming up in sets of 4 or so. They weren’t massive but they were ok, fairly strong and the way they were breaking meant I could work on cutting across the wave again, something that I seem to be getting better at.

We had two sessions, each lasted about an hour and a half so it was well worth the trip, I just wish they’d been a little bigger.


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