Cayton Bay Session

On Friday I was at Cayton Bay again. I went with my friend Eddie who hadn’t been bodyboarding since Newquay last year so he was pretty keen to get out there despite the cold.

The weather was slightly warmer and less snowy than last time I went but it was still chilly walking down to the water and the thought ‘what am I doing?’ did cross my head on the walk accross the beach. However once I saw the waves and realised no-one else was out there that thought went straight out and I was more concerned about getting out there!

The waves were really nice and breaking a lot cleaner than last time, with the sets coming in consistantly I was stoked to be there. After a quick stretch and strapping on some fins (thanks to Mike for lending me them) I started to paddle out. It was a lot easy to get out through the white water than the last session I had there, and once past it the waves were a nice size and with the fins on I was catching them better than I ever had! The second wave of the day and I achieved a goal, I managed to cut accross the face of the wave so I was chuffed.

The session lasted about an hour and a half, then after a break we had another 40mins, may aswell enjoy the surf if you’re there and it’s pumping!

Anyway it was a good day, I caught some good waves, had a laugh and also realised a large portion of my bank balance is gonna go towards some fins, hood and gloves. Oh and maybe a bicep leash, and possibly a new board seen as theres a couple of dings and flex marks on my board now. Ooops.


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