Yesterday I took part in SKI 2 H£LP at Xscape in Castleford. The event was a sponsored ski in which teams of 10 had to stay on the slope for 6hours, ensuring at least one team member was always out there.

The day went well, I was on the slope for 3-4 hours, the rest of the time I was chilling out with the HUSSI members from the University snowsports society who I was doing it with. I practiced some spins and general skiing but its hard to improve at Xscape because the slope just isn’t long enough. I also had a play around on some blades and eventually went looking for bumps etc to get a bit of air seen as there were no jumps out on the part of the slope designated to charity and recreational skiers, which did suck. Anyway I think I  improved slightly, no falls or crashes and my stops were getting better so I can take so positives despite the bad slope layout.

The reason for the poor slope layout was because BUSC was running the University Indoor Snowsports Champioships final which required a slopestyle and a freestyle course meaning only a third was free for everyone else.

Anyway the main point of the day was to raise money for the charity Right to Play and I’m pleased to say I raised £60, with the team raising £500+ in total so everyones chuffed.

Heres a quick bit about the charity:

Right To Play uses sport and play programs to promote opportunities for development, teach life skills and health education and build stronger, more peaceful communities. To do this, Right To Play trains local Coaches to run programs, thereby creating the foundation in a community for regular and long-term sport and play programming and for individual and community leadership. Right To Play also uses sport and play to mobilize and educate communities around key health issues to support national health objectives, in particular HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness and vaccination campaigns.


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