Back on the Slope – Finally!

Tonight I finally managed to get some time out on the slope, first time since I got back from Austria.

I felt a bit rusty at first so just did a couple of runs down the slope avoiding the kickers and moguls. My confidence started building up so I decided to have a go at one of the jumps, this didn’t go too well however. Once up in the air (albeit only a foot or so) my skiis popped off, meaning I slid down the slope on my side and had to go recover my skiis.

After getting them tightened up a bit I was back out on the slope hitting the jump quite well and getting quite a bit of air (for me anyway). I decided I wouldn’t be happy unless I pushed myself a little bit and figured I try a trick off the jump. Now a spin would of been a bad idea and a flip would of landed me in hospital so I decided to go for the simple grab and I actually managed it a couple of times, so with a my limits pushed enough for that sessions I called it quits and decided to head home.

Next week is hopefully involving a trip to Xscape where I’ll work on my skills off the kicker, and maybe take a picture or 2 if I remember a camera!


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