Lack of skiing and bodyboarding lately

With it being winter and not having a warm enough wetsuit (yet) I haven’t been upto Cayton Bay since the end of September which is pretty depressing, I really need to catch a wave before summer and the surf craps out. I had some really good seesions at Cayton last year, a couple even surpassed Newquay which surprised me! Anyway hopefully a new, warmer wetsuit will be on order sometime soon so I’ll be venturing out into Cayton before the end of Feb.

Also I haven’t being skiing since I got back from Austria which isn’t that long, although its still annoying as I have new skiis I want to get some use out of. However I plan to recitfy this on Tuesday with a session up at Halifax with Boxy, looking forward to it as I need to work on my jumps etc.

Right, I’ll post more up (and maybe some pics) sometime pretty soon.


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