Pretty chilled out week so far

Well on Monday morning I was up early to get to University but my road was rather icy and the route to Huddersfield was gridlocked due to bad ice so I stayed at home instead and worked on my assessment blog for University.

Tuesdays have now become a free day for me as my seminar has been moved to a Thursday freeing Tuesdays up to do University work, get some exercise done or see if any spare hours are going at work. So thats all good.

On Wednesday I managed to make it to Huddersfield but barely anyone else did, so me and a a few of the magazine production team cracked on with Switch magazine (check out and to see what its all about). By the time I got home the ice had thawed enough to be able to get the car out so I went to my girlfriends. On the way home it was a bit snowy and slippy, made for an interesting drive!

Thursday was incredibly icy again preventing me getting to Huddersfield, I saw a few near misses walking to the shop and Huddersfield was worse than where I live. So I spent the day doing a bit of Uni work and playing Conflict Desert Storm at a mates – good fun!

And today I’ve been working and doing a little bit of work on Switch magazine. So all in all a pretty relaxed week.


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