Sledging at Thornes Park

After the epic snowfall yesterday calls were made and it was decided that sledging was on the agenda. This did pose a problem though, I couldn’t get my car out, buses weren’t running near my house and Thornes Park is 4 miles away! So I did what anyone who really wanted to sledging would of done, I walked there and met up with my friends along the way.

The snow was at least 3inches deep in most places, with it going upto about 6-7inches in other places, bits of the park weren’t really suitable for sledging as the snow was too deep but cannon-ball hill was nice and compacted after loads of people and been down it, so we did most of our runs there.

I took some of my ski stuff with me but the one thing I forgot was my ski goggles as I thought they would be over kill. Turns out they would of been useful! The snow kept falling all day and doing runs down the hill 2 up meant the speeds were quick and the visability was incredibly poor, trying to avoid people became a serious challenge, and after each run I seemed to always end up with a snow covered face!

We did have one accident, one of the group took a bit of an epic tumble, which included a semi cartwheel. He decided it was safer to go home than risk it again, didn’t put anyone else off though, we were hitting jumps 2 up all day – this did lead to a few bruises and one cracked sledge.

After a bit of exploring a nice run through the trees and onto the main hill was found and it was decided it had to be done, probably not the safest idea ever as the sledges had no steering so turning was an issue. But we made it through somehow without crashing into a tree!

Anyway, the only way it could of been better would of been if I had a set of skiis with me seen as there were quite a few snowboarders out hitting some small kickers. Hopefully there’ll be chance to either sledge Thornes again sometime soon or hopefully even make it upto Halifax ski slope!


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