Skiing in Austria

For the past few days I’ve been Austria for the New Years celebrations with my girlfriend and her family. The celebrations in Austria were really different when compared to the UK, the vibe was like nothing I’ve experienced before.

However as well as seeing in the New Year I’ve also been skiing, which proved a little bit difficult due to a lack of snow falling, which is a vital ingredient to skiing. But, as I was there snowforcasts were scoured and a couple of resorts nearby with powder deep enough to ski on were located.

Obertauern was the first up and this resort was really good, snow coverage was plentiful and all the runs were open, something most other resorts couldn’t manage! The runs were nice and challenging and towards the end of the day I managed to complete a couple of black runs, something that previously I’d never done, so that was a big result for me.

Next up was Gosau, which was quite tricky due to lack of snowfall. Some of the T-bar lifts were a bit icy, which led to a couple of tricky moments in which I nearly fell off! Despite a few runs being shut too it was a good days skiing, I managed a few more black runs and even a little bit of off-piste. The only real bad point to Gosau was the last few runs of the day which were very icy, leading to one rather funny fall and some rather close calls on the way down to the bottom.

After visiting these 2 resorts the snow seemed to fully disappear so I spent the time sight seeing and exploring the town of St. Wolfgang which is definately one of my favourite places.

Hopefully sometime in the near future I’ll be skiing again at somewhere other than Xscape, keep tuned in to the blog for further details!


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