Snow in Austria, it should be EPIC!

I’ve just done my online check in for my flight to Austria so I’m almost ready, just got the packing to do.

I’m looking forward to this holiday, it’ll be ace to spend new years eve with my girlfriend and her family and have a nice chill out after a hectic last couple of weeks at Uni and at work. Oh yeah, there’ll also be some skiing going on which is going to be rather ace. I haven’t being skiing on a proper mountain since i was 12, but after a bit of practice at Halifax and Xscape I think I’m upto standard.

I know I’ve improved since I last went seen as I was hitting a few boxes and tables at Xscape, something i didn’t think I would be doing anytime soon! Hopefully with a couple of days skiing in Austria I’ll be hitting kickers etc so I can show off at Xscape when I get back!

Anyway I’m gonna head off to get packing!!!


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