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Snow, it’s crap in England

It started snowing while I was in Uni today and it looked, for a minute, like it might actually be an impressive snowfall for once. But then it seemed as if the weather remembered it was actually in England and stopped, leaving barely any snow.

I had a great time when it snowed last year, I went back to being a kid with a full on sledging trip to Thornes Park and I’m well up for the same again this but with more snow (highly unlikely I know). Theres something quite special when it snows, it seems to make the whole place feel different and almost everyone seems happier, especially if they get involved in a snowball fight or go sledging!

However the only downside to the snow is it seems to take ages getting anywhere because most people panic and don’t adjust their driving styles to suit. People in countries like Austria, Norway, Finland etc seem to be able to handle much more snow with out any problems so why can’t we? Also when it does snow councils and the like are never prepared leaving the roads in a bad state which doesn’t help.

Anyway I really want a snowday sometime soon, although I’m pretty sure there’ll be snow in Austria when I get there!

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  1. Fuk u wanna see it here! proper snow, white, cold, SNOW! Settling on the floor and everything! cars skidding around! Ill put some pics on my blog.

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