The Importance of Magic Seaweed

For those of us not lucky enough to live near the coast Magic Seaweed is a godsend. The easy to use webpage gives detailed forecasts of upcoming surf at breaks around the UK including my local(ish) break of Cayton Bay.

 Without it bodyboard trips would be very hit and miss as in the summer I made sure I went when the surf was forecast as 4ft and above if at all possible.

Without Magic Seaweed it is highly likely that I would of missed the best swell which I made it to, a rather epic one of between 6-8ft (so 3-4ft in real terms) in which myself and the guys had a blast. I believe a certain Mike Crompton caught a barrell that left him stoked for the rest of the session (and a fair bit after that too).

Its not always incredibly accurate, as the surf shop owner at Cayton Bay said “whatever Magic Seaweed says, half it!”. Using this formula still led to some sessions in summer of around 5ft which is just fine, although it would be fun to get out there in something a bit bigger.

Anyway my point is that without Magic Seaweed I would not get to surf in the conditions I have due to my non-localness so this is basically a thanks to possibly the most useful surf-based app I know of.


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