Bodyboarding in 2010

I really should be writing an essay right now but as is usually the case my mind has started to wonder and has got onto the subject of bodyboarding.

This brought up a lot of good memories of the sessions I’ve had this year and got me thinking about what I want to improve about the way I ride….. So I came up with this list:

  • Complete a 360
  • Improve my Drop Knee (DK) technique
  • Work on cutting accross the wave
  • Boost some air

They are the basics I really want to get dialled in for 2010 but of course I can dream so here’s the list of dream achievements:

  • Get a barrel
  • Consistant 360s
  • DK 360
  • El Rollo

We all need to dream and hopefully dreaming will help me improve.

Anyway its back to the essay for me, but hopefully in 2010 I’ll be at Cayton Bay working on these moves in a nice new 5mm wettie.


2 Responses

  1. you’ve already wrote 4 posts and my name still hasn’t popped up, I thought you liked me more than that John

  2. your time will come Tom, just be patient.

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